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Sport Hotel


Joys and delights of the palate in our hotel in Val di Sole in Trentino.

What would be a relaxing summer holiday or a winter holiday in Trentino if it were not accompanied by the culinary delights you can enjoy that here? During your stay you will be charmed by our kitchen and delicious food from Trentino and international kitchen.

Delicious and qualitatives wines from Trentino are ingredients required for your holidays in Val di Sole in Trentino. In our hotel we offer culinary delights in the atmosphere of our elegant dining room, wide and panoramic, which provides the ideal setting for romantic candlelight dinners. The holiday at your hotel in Val di Sole Dimaro acquires a unique taste.

Swimming pool heated to 30 °, magical and engaging environment with whirlpool, neck showers, and jetsream, an oasis of peace where you can be lulled by the sound of water.

Our guests were


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