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Adamello Brenta Nature Park

The Adamello Brenta Nature Park  is the largest protected area in Trentino, located in western Trentino, with its 620.51 square kilometers and includes the mountain groups of the Brenta, separated by Val Rendena and between the valleys of Non, Val di Sole and Val Giudicarie. It is concerned by the presence of 48 Lakes and Adamello glacier, one of the largest in Europe

The environment
The environment of the Park is typical of the Southern Alps, characterized by predominantly coniferous forests covering the slopes of the mountains up to 1800m above sea level. Above this altitude forests, which occupy a third of the surface of the Park, give way to alpine meadows and rocky vegetation that goes far beyond the 2500m.   

The territory of the Park is extremely structured and diversified: fir forests, beech and larch trees, lawns, flower-tufted Prairies, pastures, streams, bogs and inaccessible cliffs. At high altitude landscapes are spectacular and unique, dominated by the marked geomorphological and geological diversity of the two massifs. 

The Fauna
The mountains that are home to brown bears, cannot come as no surprise that the fauna is remarkable: chamois, deer, roe deer, eagles. And mountain goats, foxes, badgers, Martens, black grouse and marmots, Ptarmigans, and many other animals large and small.  

The flora
From the sunny southern slopes of the mountains of the Park to frigid peaks of Glacier cannot escape to the attentive visitor the variety of plant environments: endless forests of plants that defy the harshness of the high ridges. The flora of the park has about 1,500 species.


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